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Fazzrudin: Night market creates huge impact on socio-economic community

Fazzrudin: Night market creates huge impact on socio-economic community

THE Metrocity N6 Youth Night Market has created a huge impact on the socio-economic community particularly the youth traders who are operating there.

According to Tupong assemblyman Fazzruddin Abdul Rahman, the income generated by these traders ranges between RM400 to RM1,200 per night.

He said thus far, there are more than 180 traders of which 80 per cent comprises of youths trading at the night market which has been in operation since 2016.

“Based on an estimated calculation, the projected sales value can reach up to RM2 million a month.

“As such, I would like to call on the government to help and discuss how we can help improve Sarawak youth`s economy,” he told the august House when debating the motion of appreciation to TYT`s address at the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) Sitting here today.

However, he pointed out that the night market is facing congestion as it currently operates directly from a carpark at Metrocity, Matang.

“The shophouses in the area are now mostly occupied and due to the popularity of the night market, this causes discomfort to the shophouse operators.

“But if we were to move it to a different and further location, this would no doubt disrupt the stability of the night market,” he explained.

In view of this, he thus proposed that the Metrocity N6 Youth Night Market be relocated to a new site not far from its existing location.

“In fact, there is an empty plot of land next to the existing site and the developer of the area has agreed to cooperate with us to offer rental for the new location.

“But we do need assistance from the government to upgrade the place into a new night market that`s more beautiful and has better facilities,” he said.

(Taken from The Borneo Post)

Source : The Borneo Post